Autobiography of Henry Martin Bradley will be Published in 2017

After 110 years “A Brief Autobiography of Henry M. Bradley” will be published in 2017.  Only three copies of the original 96 page, small 1907 privately printed book are known to have survived.  The rest were destroyed by his son Edward Luther Bradley.  I believe that this small book would have appeal beyond his direct descendants and at the very least should be available in genealogical libraries and local historical societies in the places that Henry describes.

The Autobiography is an invaluable historical resource of early Ohio history in the 1830’s and 1840’s where Henry’s family was clearing the forest for farming and living with the danger of wolves and bears.  Henry then worked in the cloth industry.  He goes on to describe his lumber business and the rough and tumble politics in Bay City, Michigan in the 1860’s and 1870’s.

Later in life, he moved to Duluth, Minnesota and became wealthy from iron ore lands that he prospected in northern Minnesota.  It was this wealth that led him to have the 1891 Family Portrait taken, write and print the Genealogy of 1898, and write and print his Autobiography of 1907.  Henry died in 1918 at the age of 94.

I am in the process of retyping the Autobiography and will divide it into chapters, add an introduction and photographs, and lay it out in the computer program Adobe InDesign.  The result will be a PDF file that can be printed in a small press run.  It is my plan to purchase enough copies that I can be the principal distributor of the book under my press name Railway Station Press.  See the Items For Sale page at that website by clicking here.  Railway Station Press serves as the e-commerce site for this website.

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Here is the first page of the Autobiography scanned from an original copy owned by Melissa Rumsey Young.

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