Film Clips

Filmed by Stuart Van Leer Bradley (1916 to 2004)
As you can see these short film clips are badly in need of editing. Unfortunately, I do not do not have the technical skills to be able to do that. However, I thought it was important to offer these silent movies from the 1940s, most of which were taken during World War II because of their interesting content. Below each clip is a brief description:


Montana & Minnesota 1942: It begins with footage taken from the troop train taking the 95th Engineer General Service Regiment through Montana, then cuts to England and target practice followed by a band concert for the men, then back to Montana where the train goes by the Montana State Capitol in Helena, then to Duluth where my mother, Janet Williams Bradley and her parents Percival Sullivan & Jean Van Orden Williams are shown.


Alcan Highway 1942-1943: The troop train arrives in British Columbia, there are many winter scenes of the camps and the pioneer Alcan Highway.


England & Wales 1943-1944: Begins with my dad washing his face and smiling with the other white officers, then it shows some camp scenes, cooking, marching down the road, and then games played for exercise in a field by the black troops of the 95th Engineers.


France & Germany 1944-1945: This begins with Stuart’s brother Bruce Burris Bradley visiting him in France, then views of the French coast at Camp Lucky Strike where soldiers waited to be shipped home, various views of damaged bridges under repair by the 95th Engineers in France and Germany.


Williams Family, Duluth Minnesota: This was filmed at my grandparents house, P.S. and Jean Williams in Duluth and is a family reunion of the Williams family.


Park Point Snowstorm, Duluth: In 1946 my parents, Stuart & Janet Bradley, lived on Park Point which is a narrow strip of land at the tip of Lake Superior that protects the port of Duluth and St. Louis River. They had a big snowstorm with blowing snow off the lake that piled the snow up to the second floor of some houses. You see my mother climbing snow drifts & sitting on a house roof, and children sliding down a Texaco pole.

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