Autobiography Publication as a Kickstarter Project is Funded

The Kickstarter project is over and is funded at $1,053.00 which is 175% of our goal.  That means we can produce a quality book.  Thank you so much for your support!

We now have an editor!  My old and dear friend Nancy Growald Brooks has agreed to edit this book.  We are not deleting anything from Henry’s Autobiography but it is in need of more paragraph breaks.  I just transcribed a section where he went over 2 and one half pages without breaking for a new paragraph.  Nancy is retired from being an editor at the Smithsonian American History Museum and did exhibits and publications.  How perfect is that?

I have now transcribed the entire Autobiography and it comes to 51 solid pages of text in Word.  It has been edited by Nancy Brooks.  I am working on the Introduction and Afterword.

My daughter Maeve Sullivan Bradley, an art student at the University of Virginia, has agreed to illustrate the book during her winter break.  She will illustrate it with small pen and ink drawings that will break up the text and make the book more visually appealing.

The book will also contain carte de visite photographs of Henry, his mother, his brother Nathan and his five children and their spouses.

The proceeds of this Kickstarter crowdfunding project will ONLY be used for the actual printing cost of the book which will be issued under the Railway Station Press label with me as publisher.

If you wanted to contribute to the cost of reprinting the Autobiography but did not want to go through Kickstarter you can make your contribution payable to “Railway Station Press” care of Stuart Bradley, 105 East Glendale Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301.  You will also receive a copy of the Autobiography by May 2017 and my gratitude, of course.

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Henry Martin Bradley as a younger man in Bay City, Michigan

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