3rd Cousins Interested in Genealogy

I have recently started corresponding by email with two 3rd cousins that coincidentally both live in Florida and both found this website.  Our common ancestors in both cases are our great great grandparents although in different parts of the family tree.

First is Rumsey Young whose great grandmother was Addie May Bradley Norpell, the youngest daughter of Henry Martin Bradley.  My great grandfather was Edward Luther Bradley, Addie May’s older brother.  Her grandmother Louise is sitting on her father, Carl Norpell’s, lap in the 1891 family portrait.  Louise married Paul Deady Meek and they gave birth to Rumsey’s mother Frances Warfield Meek (see photo) who married William Blue Young.

It just so happens that Rumsey Young inherited one of the two copies of Henry Martin Bradley’s Autobiography of 1907 and when she came to northern Virginia recently she let me see it. She has also done extensive family genealogy research through Ancestry.com and the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) based in Boston.

My other newly discovered 3rd cousin is Doug Price whose mutual great great grandfather is Samuel Parker Hoover.  This is all related to other blog posts as Samuel Parker Hoover was the son of John Hoover who fought in the War of 1812 and the brother of George Hoover that was killed in the Civil War at the Battle of Gaines Mill in Virginia.  Samuel was also the father of my great grandmother Fannie Hoover Burris.

Doug Price is doing a genealogical DNA project through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and paid for me to have one of these tests done.

My new email address is bradleyhistory.com@gmail.com

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Frances Meek (standing) with her sisters Marjorie and Emily

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