Bradley Generations in America

1st Generation:

William Bradley (c.1619 England – 1691)

arrived in New Haven, Conn. in 1637

married Alice Prichard Feb. 18, 1645

eight children

2nd Generation:

Abraham Bradley (1650 – 1718) 3rd child

married Ann Thompson Dec. 25, 1673

four children

3rd Generation:

Daniel Bradley (1679 – 1723) 2nd child

married Sarah Bassett Jan. 16, 1702

two children

4th Generation:

Daniel Bradley Jr. (1706 – 1773) 2nd child

married Abigail Punchard in 1727

six children

5th Generation:

Jesse Bradley (1736 – 1812) 4th child

who moved to Lee, Mass.

served as Captain in Revolutionary War

married Mamry Ives Jan. 19, 1758

eleven children

6th Generation:

Eli Bradley (1762 – 1832) 3rd child

married Phebe Bartholemew Jan. 9, 1783

nine children

7th Generation:

William Bradley (1796 – 1858) 7th child

married Lucy Ball Nov. 28, 1816

moved to Wellington, Ohio in 1835

nine children

8th Generation:

Henry Martin Bradley (1824 – 1918) 4th child

married Mary Elizabeth Cook Jan. 1, 1846

moved to Bay City, Michigan

eight children

Since this website primarily serves the descendants of Henry Martin Bradley I will stop there with the 8th generation.  I am the 12th generation of Bradleys in America tracing back to William Bradley and my children are the 13th generation.  So for me it would be:

9th Generation: Edward Luther Bradley m. Lucretia Ann Pringle / five children

10th Generation: Edward Cook Bradley m. Kathryn Stuart Burris / four children

11th Generation: Stuart Van Leer Bradley m. Janet Van Orden Williams / four children

12th Generation: Stuart Van Leer Bradley Jr. m. Ellen Christine Sammon / two children

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