The Dutch Connection: Howk, Van Orden & Gansevoort Families

There is a history of the English Bradley family members marrying into Dutch families.  A previous blog post describes the connection in Lee, Massachusetts and Wellington, Ohio to the Howk family. My maternal grandmother was a Van Orden and she traced her family back to the owners of the Van Orden farm which is now occupied by a hotel in Manhattan.

Henry Martin Bradley’s second son, Charles Henry Bradley, married Magdalena Gansevoort Ten Eyck (1855 to 1913) of the prominent Albany, New York Ten Eyck family (they owned the Ten Eyck Hotel in Albany). Her ancestry can also be traced back to the Gansevoort family who moved to Albany in 1660. She was named after Magdalena Gansevoort (1777 to 1863) who married Jacob A. Ten Eyck in 1795. My 3rd cousin, Kevin Leslie, owns an oil painting of Jacob Ten Eyck. Ten Eyck is actually German and the Gansevoort family is Dutch.

Magdalina Ten Eyck

Magdalena Gansevoort Ten Eyck (1855 to 1913)

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