Jesse Alva Bradley, His Children & Grandchildren 1952 Family Portrait


Duncan Scott Bradley sent me this photograph taken in 1952 in Duluth.  He is the ten year old in the center of the top row with his mother and father to the right side of him.

He is the son of Jesse Duncan Bradley and Mary Alice Manley Bradley, the grandson of Jesse Alva Bradley and Mabel Duncan Bradley pictured in the center of the photograph.  He is the great grandson of Alva William Bradley and Orleana Tenney Bradley who are both in the Family Portrait of 1891.  Alva was Henry Martin Bradley’s oldest son.


In this detail from the Family Portrait of 1891 my grandfather, Edward Cook Bradley, on the left appears to be arm and arm with his first cousin Jesse Alva Bradley.  Jesse’s brother Frank is on the right.  I like to think that Ed and Jesse were pals as first cousins can be, and as I have been with my first cousin David Bruce Bradley.

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One thought on “Jesse Alva Bradley, His Children & Grandchildren 1952 Family Portrait

  1. (1952 photo–Left to Right)
    Top Row: Jesse Duncan Bradley, Mary Alice Bradley, Duncan Bradley, Donald Powers, John Huey
    Middle Row: Mary Huey, Mary Bradley Powers (with Thomas Powers), Mabel Duncan Bradley, Jesse Alva Bradley, Betty Bradley Huey, Mary Ann Bradley
    Bottom Row: Robert Huey, James Bradley, Nancy Huey, Dennis Powers, Kathleen Powers, Donald Huey


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