Mrs. Mathers, the African American Cook & Nurse to Fannie E. Edwards

Mrs. Mathers nurse to Fannie Edwards

The Cartes de Visite Photographs Album was owned by Fannie E. Edwards. She apparently had a great deal of affection for her nurse Mrs. “Penny” Mathers, as she put a carte de visite photograph of Mrs. Mathers next to her baby picture and wrote “Bless her ole hearty”.

Fannie was born in Bay City, Michigan in 1875, was married in Duluth, Minnesota in 1898, to William Foote Quayle (of Cleveland, Ohio) and then moved to Hollywood, California. I am unable to establish a date of death for her, other than the fact that she had outlived her husband (who died in 1921) at the time that the Genealogy of 1927 was prepared.

Carte de visite photographs of African Americans were rare during that period of the 1860’s to the 1880’s. For example, there are 37,318 carte de visite photographs currently listed on eBay and after a search of those for the words, “African American” only 16 results are shown.

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