The 1886 “Portrait of an Unknown Man” by Alfred Boisseau: Is it Nathan Ball Bradley?

Patricia Moss of Fine Arts Investigations did research into the Bradley family history and concluded that this portrait must be of Nathan Ball Bradley (1831 to 1906). The portrait was found in Ilwaco, Washington and had been owned by Nathan’s grandson Harold Frederick Bradley. This painting is for sale.

Alfred Boisseau (1823 to 1901) was trained as a painter in France, then had a studio in New Orleans. Later he moved north and took photographs as well as painted portraits.

On the left is Nathan’s Mathew Brady photograph taken when he was a United States Congressman between 1873 and 1877. Next to it is the Boisseau portrait signed and dated to 1886. Below that is a close up of a photo of Nathan, from Cartes de Visite Photographs, taken sometime between 1890 and his death in 1906. Notice in the portrait the nose, the deep set eyes, the bushy eyebrows, the large earlobes, and the part in the hair.

What do you think, is this a portrait of Nathan Ball Bradley?

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Nathan closeup 1870sNBBradleyNathan Closeup

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